Indianapolis Junior Academy

We encourage you to take the time to meet our teaching staff. Appointments are always available after school hours.  

Kimberly Kornegay

Kendra Minty
Kendra Minty
 Eunice Barney  
Eunice Barney
Assistant Principal / 3rd and 4th Grade
Michael Lund
Michael Lund
5th and 6th Grade
Triana Ward
Triana Ward
1st and 2nd Grade

Elkyn Beltre  
Principal/ 7th and 8th Grade

Support/Administration Staff
Noma Mpofu - Business Manager
Yurico Perez - Administrative Assistant
Sayuri Perez Muedas - Administrative Assistant 
Hector Velazquez - Transportation
Brandon Ward - Transportation 
Edgar Araiza - Transportation
Veronica Rivas - Food Service Director
Alba Suriel - Assistant Cook
Arlene Giron - Teacher Assistant